Chances are, you’ve become the 7th “FRIEND”…

After finally running out of shows to watch on Netflix, I decided to give into the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Frenzy…

(If you’re a close friend of mine, chances are  you’ve probably told me to watch Friends once or twice and after careful consideration and one hilarious episode, I thank you.)

By the episode Phoebe introduces us to “Smelly Cat”, I was instantly attached to each character. Chandler’s sarcasm, Monica’s clean freak nature, Joey’s womanizing ” HOW YOU DOIN’?”, Phoebe’s happy but dark vibe, Rachel’s naive traits and of course,  who could forget Ross. The unstable character who’s life gets more complicated with every episode?


The Friends cast almost welcomes you in making you wish you were sippin’ coffee with them as the 7th “friend”. Plus, who doesn’t love the vibe Monica’s apartment and Central Perk give off? *Sigh* Total apartment envy.

But , there was one thing I couldn’t shake off while watching the first 4 seasons… and No…it wasn’t how good looking Joey was even though that crossed my mind a few times but of course, the fashion…

You know how they say, “Once you notice something , you see it everywhere?” Well, it seems as if there are little Rachel Green’s, Monica Geller’s and Phoebe Buffay’s all over South Florida. The 90’s are back, baby and it’s everywhere. With a mix of styles like soft grunge, and bohemian prints like mixes tie-dye prints and paisley prints, you can dress like a modern day Monica Geller without digging through your mom’s closet. But I do suggest taking a peek.

NBC/ Warner Bros. Television Distribution


NBC/ Warner Bros. Television Distribution


Phoebe Outfit
NBC/ Warner Bros. Television Distribution


Some of my favorite looks making a comeback right now are the tight crop tops, also what seems like  excessive amounts of denim whether its the button down skirts, light washed shorts, overalls, or even the fitted boyfriend jeans, denim is very prominent right now. Shift dresses with fitted t-shirts underneath have been seen on girls like Kendall JennerGuinevere Van Seenus and Emma Roberts. As for shoes, white tennis shoes like Converse, Adidas Superstars and Keds match about any outfit and bulky sandals are all the rage.

And last but certainly not least, how could we not mention the beloved choker? This is one of the easiest trends to follow right now and probably one my favorites. They come in various colors, and shapes from flowers to the thick velvet styles that can be found at Forever 21, Aldo or you can even make your own (or a few)  for about $10.00!

Check out how we channeled our inner 90’s below:


How about you? Love or hate the 90’s trend…? Tell me what you think in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “Chances are, you’ve become the 7th “FRIEND”…

  1. Love your chokers! HUGE friend fanatic, as you know 😉 Great Job Carol can’t wait for the next post!! xx


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