The easiest and literally “coolest” summer look I’ve ever copied.

They say the worst way to make small talk is bringing up the weather.

But this is not small talk. This is a plea for help.

When your 2008 Corolla emanates the lowest amount of cold air possible, there is only so much you can conceivably do to keep cool during your commute in South Florida. With the weather at a heat index of 101 degrees,  it almost seems as if the days are getting  hotter and those Starbucks Strawberry Acai with Coconut Milk refreshers are getting way more expensive.

This time of year, fashion is always compromised when it comes to keeping cool and trendy without repeating those easy breezy tees and comfy shorts. Seriously, whatever happened to wearing Soffe shorts and calling it a day?

Anyway, a  few weeks back, I learned a very cool fashion Tip/Trick from Cosmo’s Snapchat that I have since tried out. It’s a look that that helps me keep cool, calm and collected. Well, at least it allows me to feel the cool and fake the collected.

As those of you who religiously stalk the Snapchat apps every morning before work may have seen, Cosmopolitan released a video of one of their interns turning a SCARF  INTO A CROP TOP! “Big whoop” “Oldest trick in the book” you might be thinking. NGL,  when I first saw the heading I thought the same thing but it wasn’t till I saw how simple it was to make, how flattering  it actually looked on, and actually risked wearing out in public that I actually went ahead and put my own stamp of approval on it! Plus, who doesn’t love a free life hack ? #CollegeLife #AnyLifebutKardshianLife


A  long scarf

A refreshing smoothie (Optional)


  1. First, grab the scarf and fold it in half the long way.
  2. Bring the scarf up, like your drying yourself off with a towel.
  3. Even out the ends then twist them together once. (It’ll create a sweetheart neckline)
  4. Then, go ahead and bring both of the ends to the back and proceed to tie it with a double knot.

I wore mine with a strapless bra so I could have a bit more support.

There’s also a video here:


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. I highly approve of this look because most of the summer scarves are a cotton material, it allows your body to breath and it’s a look that you can mix and match with so many different shorts, skirts, and jeans! I also love it because if you are a scarf hoarder like me, there are so many different prints and styles to choose from without having to spend a fortune on various crop tops and statement tee’s.

Tell me what you thought of this trick below! Follow me on @thetouchofgold on Instagram, and Pinterest for more outfit ideas!




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