Fall Update: You may already have this look in your closet!

If the words ” I have nothing to wear” cross your mind sequentially, then I got news for you!

Fall fashion has arrived in full spring. Literally. It seems as if we’ve found ourselves back in a few months ago to find this trend.

Last Friday, I found myself probing for a birthday present for a friend and while I admit to being genuinely interested in searching for that perfect gift, I found myself in the same predicament as always- shopping for a friend but looking for myself. My eyes instantly lit up seeing the multiple shades of fall colors being addressed to the proper season and of course, quickly falling for the same lies I’ve told myself too many times, “One more burgundy dress won’t kill you, Carol.” After what seemed like walking through a minefield of fall fashion, I satisfyingly managed to walk out of the mall without buying a thing but noticing one very important detail…Fall fashion has arrived in full spring. Literally. It seems as if we’ve found ourselves back in April to find this trend. The leaves may soon be falling but floral prints are blooming all over the place. Though that’s good news for some, This trend leaves a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth, to be honest.

The reason being partially because the last time floral was in, we were at the crossroads of vintage floral crop tops with huge cut-outs and crucifix printed leggings. Yeah man, 2011-2012 were some strange years. Also, floral has always felt like a hit or miss for me. Mainly because instead of OVER doing it, I under do it by never recreating a sophisticated look that embraces femininity and authenticity without feeling aged or under aged for that matter. So on a quest to find a look of  floral sophistication, Pinterest tabs were opened and I called in the queen of fall herself, my wonderful friend, Bruna Oliveira and here’s what we came up with.

PS: This is my go-to top for the fall! I’ve worn it like 5 times already. (;

On Bruna :Floral Jumpsuit @ American Rag

(We found one on Nasty Gal for the low-low)

Off-white Crop Top @ American apparel

Timberland boots @ DSW

On Carol: Off The Shoulder Top @ Marshalls

Denim Skirt @ Aeropostale

Shoes @ Old Navy

Glasses @ Miami Flea Market

Choker in Brasil ( Similar Etsy one)

 So what’s your favorite fall trend right now? Let me know below in the comments section!


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