The Perfect T-Shirt may be closer than you think!

Don’t doubt me when I say I could live in this outfit.

A few months ago, I found the world’s most perfect t-shirt and though it defeats society’s standards of pretty and feminine, I don’t think I could love an XXL Guys shirt more than I love this one. My friend Yasmin took me to Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale. As I love any event C & I Studios hosts, it took me less than a second to respond to her Facebook e-vite. (For those who have never been, C & I studios showcases the best projects South Florida’s very own have been working on. Alongside food trucks and live music, local vendors come to show their product.) Looking through dozens of T-shirts in one of the many vintage Tee Booths, I fell in love. The stars literally aligned because there through the countless old baseball tees was a perfect Star Wars T-shirt, the future I  envisioned with it were fresh.

Let me explain.

To me, there is NOTHING like the perfect oversized T-Shirt. They double up as dresses, tunics, and let’s not forget the best part they serve as the perfect outfit for the days you just want to walk around at home with no pants. Now, you may never know but these tee’s can be styled so many ways, you might not even notice that it’s being worn so often.

So as my new tee began its new life, I decided to give it a little makeover.  As we’ve all seen the distressed laced up shirts have stepped on the scene and I knew I wanted to go ahead and give it a facelift.

Here’s the 2 Step Process.

What You’ll Need: Scissors & a Razor

  1. First, I grabbed a pair of scissors and created a V from the center of the shirt upwards. Instead of cutting straight up, once you get to the collar ring. Stop.
  2. To make those distressed holes grab a razor and drag the razor down making small nicks where you want them.

Below, I styled my tee with my burgundy red skirt from Papaya ! 7$  bucks everybody. My boots from Just Fab which I got for $10 during holiday season last year! Full outfit under $25!



Special Thanks to Nick Portugal for these awesome pics! Check out Nicks profile here!


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