The Touch of Gold

The name, The Touch of Gold originated one night after having a conversation with a friend about how difficult it seems to stay focused on a certain dream or purpose when everything feels out of reach. As our conversation progressed, they arose with an interesting idea in which they gave me the basic concept of what I wanted the The Touch Of Gold to represent.

Though I’m still learning how to apply this notion in my life,  The Touch of Gold to me, signifies that you have the potential to enhance anything you put work into once you reach out (which sometimes is the hardest part) and touch it (Give it your own uniqueness). The touch should turn to gold in every aspect of your life as long as your heart and mind are focused on the goal and work hard to achieve it. Whether that goal is getting into your dream school, getting a fashion related career,or even impacting a life; Just reach and grab it. Gold symbolizes everything a person should strive to be which is one of the reasons I knew the name The Touch Of Gold was the name when I first started this blog. It symbolizes prosperity, success and triumph. With the many topics I’ll be covering, my goal is to reach all those 3 things with every post written.

Since that talk,  The Touch of Gold has become a lifestyle and has reminded me why and what I’m working for when I get discouraged and how this should follow me all the way through.

Welcome to The Touch Of Gold.




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