The Touch Of Gold

Fashion has always been a very big part of my life. I grew up in a very colorful, and vibrant household with different tastes in clothing, jewelry and accessories. Growing up with of some of the most inspiring, fashionable women in my family helped me collect an eclectic taste for fashion and an affinity for gold. As the years went by, my love for the fashion industry grew and year after year, I learned a little bit more about who I was and who I wanted to become through what I wore. I learned how to channel myself through the items I paired with my LBD’s (Little Black Dress) and my cheetah printed skinnies. (Friday’s in High School were called “Bam Friday’s” . The crazier the skirt or dress, the bigger the BAM… This was no joke people, there are pictures on instagram.)

After graduating High School, I decided to stick around for college and potentially transfer to FIT or FSU for a Fashion Merchandising degree. That dream began to die down with the harsh reality of tuition and costly living expenses. With everything life throws your way, sometimes you allow your interests to become less of a priority.The name, The Touch of Gold originated one night after speaking to a friend about how my dreams seem so far. They arose an interesting concept of having, “The Touch Of Gold”. “You have the potential to enhance anything you put work into once you touch it. Everything you touch turns to gold Carol, whether it’s your dream school, a fashion related career,or even a life just reach out for it.”. The Gold to me symbolizes greatness. Since then, The Touch of Gold has become a lifestyle for me when i’m styling or just getting the job done and with every stride, I’ve vow to add my own touch to it and share it with you.




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