Carol Wingester

TTOG About Me PictureMy love for fashion started early for me. The eccentric taste of the Cheetah Girls and influences from girls like Hilary Duff & Mary-Kate and Ashley left huge impression on me. Times have changed and I can assure you the pictures of me trying to emulate my role models are horrendous (just take my word for it). But fashion has always been a very big part of my life. I grew up in a very colorful, and vibrant area of South Florida where I was influenced by various cultivation’s (including my Brazilian culture) and gained a huge appreciation for the influences these cultures have on clothing, jewelry and accessories.Throughout the past couple years, I experimented with a lot of different styles to see which fit was right for me. Truth is, I never found a certain way to dress that suited me best and while I was trying to find which style I could classify myself under, I found that nothing felt better than leaving the classification blank. Though i’m still figuring it out my sense of direction with fashion, every day I get closer and closer to dressing like the woman I would like to become.

I’ve always wanted to share a few of my ideas with those who aren’t just friends and family and the concept of a blog didn’t seem so far fetched from the daily tweets, Instagram posts, Tumblr re-blogs, I comment on and put out there on a daily.

So here it is. Welcome to The Touch Of Gold.




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